Parts Services

Go Genuine or Go Home


Everyone knows that a damaged screen or faulty part can ruin an iPhone or iPad and spoil your Apple experience. One big mistake you can make when attempting to get your device repaired is to opt for an off-brand screen or part that is not sanctioned by Apple and could therefore cause problems with your device. Thankfully my screens feature a genuine original LCD panel that is produced by the original manufacturer itself, meaning you can be assured of its quality and compatibility.


The cables and components that are tightly packed into the iPhones and iPads can start to misbehave at any time, sullying your user experience and requiring immediate attention. Repairs such as mine will let you get around common issues, reversing the impact of wear and tear and making your iPhone as good as new.


There is no real need to opt for off-brand replacement parts when the genuine OEM alternatives such as mine are so inexpensive. With the future of a high-end handset at stake, there is no sense in cutting corners.


My repairs are the affordable alternative to replacing your entire device. Do not settle for a device with endless problems, make repairs to extend the lifespan of your favourite Apple product.