Why choose Andre’s Apple Repairs over going to Apple directly for your iPhone repair?

This isn’t a post to put Apple services to shame. I am an avid Apple supporter who loves their products and services. That is why I have put my own name along side theirs. I would like to educate you on how we can help you with your beloved iPhoneRead More

Having battery problems with your iPhone?

Until recently its been hard to find meaningful statistics for your iPhones internal battery. An App called ‘Battery life’ now allows users to see the wear condition of their battery allowing them to make the decision to get it replaced or not. Battery Life: Your Battery Doctor by Battery Life…Read More

iPhone Screen Replacement

Mobile phone screen replacements are the most common repair at Andre’s Apple Repairs. According to imend.com 1 in 4 people in the UK are walking around with a smashed phone screen. In 2015, an iPhone 6 screen replacement was the most common repair. Cracked iPhone screens are commonly the resultRead More